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Who We Are?

Introducing you to a comprehensive HR outsourcing platform that can allow you to unload your burden.

From hiring to retiring, we at Innovera can help you make running your business a breeze. We offer timely and hassle-free resolutions to your HR issues, from Recruitment to Payroll to Grievance Handling, Personal File Maintenance to Legal Consultancy to Training and Career Growth, going an extra mile to assist you with onboarding process.


We know you've been looking for ways to handle HR related tasks without them being a headache for your work. We know that having an in-house people for HR could be costly and in-efficient. So talk to us. Let us help you get that ticked-off your to-do list.


When you contact and connect with us, our expert team will sit down and discuss with you. We will discuss your ideas, What you will need to get done, What is the situation of your company, What needs to be done to adhere to standards and law etc. With everything discussed, we will start to analyze and plan the process for you.


All organizations have different situations, different needs and requirements. Therefore, the process we execute should be unique to your organization. With the details we get from you at the discussion stage is very important for us to plan the process. We will come up with a strong, fully-fledged plan and present it to you.


With a proper plan in place with you and us being on the same page, we execute the plan. Best case scenario is that we do not place any-one at your place full-time. You do not need that burden at all. Based on the plan however, there can be situations Where our agents will visit your office time-to-time. We make it all happen smoothly and precisely while keeping you updated regularly on the progress.

What We Do?

Why Choose Innovera?

With so many options at your disposal, you will possibly know why Innovera can play a vital role in your organization.

Recruitment and Selection

Accept online applications/resumes and filter them to screening, interviewing to the job offer for the convenience of all hiring managers.

Training and Development

With Innovera, you never have to worry about training and development. You can concentrate on the right skills development and properly upgrade youe employees.

Grievance Handling

Ensures an amiable work environment as Innovera redresses the grievances to mutual satisfaction after discussions between the manager and the employees.

Payroll Handling

We believe in a successful payroll management at Innovera that automatically works out the applicable taxes and other deductions and then generates the necessary pay checks.

Reward Management

Our platform aims to reward people fairly, equitably and consistently in accordance with their value to your organizations.

Risk Management

We can help your organization identify risks and develop mitigation strategies, whilst tracking all accidents and incidents throughout your organisation.

Health and Safety

Eliminating hazards, protecting your valuable employees continuously while improving the health and safety of your organization. We ensure the well being of the co-workers in the house.

Personal File Maintenance

Maintains all staff personnel records in a secured and confidential location with limited access, securing data in an automated form.


Innovera has a bunch of HR professionals who understand and comply with laws and other legal matters along with policies and procedures customized for your orgnization.

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CSR Projects

Here are some of our work where we gave back to the society.


Awards and Gift Distribution

Project Link

Innovera CSR chapter extended their arms to the future of our motherland. In collaboration with W.A Anthony Children s center Innovera For People appreciated all hard working kids and also went furthermore to award several scholarships to a selected students to help them build their own future.


Eye Clinic For The Elderly

Project Link

Innovera CSR chapter Innovera For People successfully concluded their first CSR project at Ambagamuwa area.

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